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Digital Accounts is the brainchild of Ranveer Sandhu, aged 14. Ranveer has been involved in many of his successful family businesses from a tender age, enjoying learning about service delivery, improvement of service and more recently the importance of careful financial management in business.  Ranveer identifies with young innovative minds and recognises the gap in the younger entrepreneur market in relation to money management. 


Digital Accounts is aimed at business owners aged 7 to 18 years ‘make easy’ the traditional accounting function so promoting the next generation of young entrepreneurs who are the lifeblood of British Industry moving forward.


Ranveer has been running his own company at the age of 12 for two years and won the Tech Business of the Year 2017 prize at the Ultra Education Kids Business Awards held at PriceWaterhouse Coopers’ office in London in November 2017.

Our Team
Ranveer Sandhu
Founder | UK's Youngest Accountant
Mob: 07506 171 351


Ranveer is also known as the UK Youngest Accountant and has been running his business for over 2 years. Ranveer has had over 5 years of experience dealing with customers and recently with financial content with clients.


Ranveer has been working in his 2 family run businesses called Kilostate Estate Agents, an estate agency & Fix It Now 24-7 Ltd which is a General Maintenance Company both businesses dealing with Clients and managing the finance of the businesses and more recently has been involved in Property Deal Sourcing.


Click Here to See Ranveer's Other Business which has been set-up recently.

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